Transportation Division

To move Humankind anywhere at any time

 Moving humanity into a safe and sane 21st Century is thought-provoking. Kepler Aerospace is dedicated to moving humanity where it needs to go, whenever it needs to go, using the safest and most sustainable method possible. Whether we are developing AI led autopilot craft, or manually driven vehicles for personal, commercial or security uses, we are always looking to the horizon, to employ the most exciting new technologies since the invention of the internal combustion engine. The Transportation Division receives requests from supporting technology divisions and uses program management and systems engineering to develop, test, and market products.


This will involve the latest technology to minimize drag, maximize lift and enhance performance. Kepler will examine the advanced state of the art to achieve these goals.

  • Drones
  • Magneto hydrodynamics for generating electricity and thrust
  • Electrodynamic controls
  • Vorticity flows


Cars, buses, trucks, and railroads move the assets of the nation from people to cargo. Our objective is to improve this capability by using more advanced approaches that will be created in-house.

  • Commercial travel
  • Electric cars
  • Electromagnetic cars


The majority of cargo transported is by sea. The costs are low but the speed of delivery is not satisfactory. Our focus is on developing more efficient and faster methods of delivering cargo by sea. But we also understand the thrill of recreational adventure  new craft that use aerodynamic principles allow people to skim along only a foot off the surface at speeds of up to 125mph!

  • Submersibles
  • Super-cavitating flows
  • Wing-in-Ground (WIG) commercial ships