Will Edwards is joining the Kepler and Kepler SpaceCore Inc. team

May 7, 2020 – Midland, Texas – Kepler announces that Will Edwards will be joining the Kepler and Kepler SpaceCore team as an advisor for all maters regarding rocketry, rocket technology and rocket development, as well as an Advisory Board Member of both Kepler Aerospace and Kepler SpaceCore.

Mr. Edwards currently serves as the CEO of Firehawk Aerospace Inc. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2015. While at University he was granted his first technology patent. Shortly after graduation Will founded a software company that was powered by his patented technology and in 2018 that company became an official intellectual property partner with Microsoft. Will subsequently joined and partnered with Ron Jones, a friend whom he has known and worked with for many years, as co-founder and CEO at Firehawk Aerospace Inc.

With numerous utility patents awarded, he has demonstrated an almost uncanny ability to connect facts and information from disparate fields from which he is able to visualize solutions to recognized problems and unfulfilled needs.

Kepler and Kepler SpaceCore are elated to have another technology superstar like Will Edwards join the Kepler team. Kepler believes that his extensive background in rocket and technology development will greatly enhance the Kepler team. As a consultant, Mr. Edwards will be overseeing Kepler’s rocket technologies development out of Kepler’s Spaceport and Rocket facilities in Midland, Texas to ensure top-class performance for all of its clients.

For more information about this release please contact: info@kepleraerospace.com


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