Dewight Cartwright is joining the Kepler and Kepler Spacecore Inc.

May 12, 2020 – Midland, Texas – Kepler announced today that Dewight Cartwright will now be overseeing all of Kepler and Kepler SpaceCore’s aviation activities as Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) at their new Midland Spaceport facilities located in Texas.

Mr. Cartwright will be in charge of day to day operations of Kepler’s aviation division. He is both a seasoned pilot and aviation entrepreneur with almost 40 years’ experience as a government contractor including projects involving not only aviation and manufacturing but also earth underground boring and heavy construction projects. Dewight will also be overseeing Kepler’s expansion of their Spaceport facilities in Midland, Texas.

Kepler and Kepler SpaceCore are excited to have Mr. Cartwright in charge of their new facilities in Midland. With his help, Kepler has a seasoned veteran in both the construction and aviation industries. Kepler is also very confident in Dewight’s ability to attract government contracts to help grow Kepler’s revenues. Mr. Cartwright will be operating out of the Kepler’s Spaceport facilities in Midland, Texas.

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