Kepler is a company of bold innovators, futurists, and competent leaders. Emerging and embryonic technologies are the challenges that await for you. Working with minds that are boundless by the conventional wisdom to pursue a high scientific standard with the opportunity to be a part of something remarkable for humankind.

We are dedicated to going beyond the ‘knowable knowns and unknowns’; embarking upon challenges in areas from green energy, materials sciences, to alternative propulsion and everything in-between. 

Working with us as part of the Kepler Team, we will give you an opportunity to make a contribution on humanity, on our national security, the environment. 

Join us to boldly show your creativity, your ability, and to develop your leadership, business, and scientific skills.



Join Kepler and have a chance to shape our future. Kepler offers a unique opportunity. We are not bound by the limits of conventional wisdom, yet we adhere strictly to the scientific method. We strive to be more than excellent we strive to be remarkable.

You might have a chance to develop truly new and breakthrough technologies, new propulsion, and transportation technologies.


Nuclear Sciences

We are advancing concepts in a novel and underdeveloped area of nuclear sciences. We have several key projects based upon existing successful concepts that we are ready to usher forward. 

We are looking for top-tier nuclear scientists that are experienced in developing Fusion and Fission models, as well as scientists and engineers specializing in nuclear sciences.

We are looking for energy and power engineers, high voltage electrical engineers, nuclear safety officers, nuclear chemists/materials specialists, and power plant design engineers with experience in the nuclear industry.

Kepler Energy is endeavoring to change the way humanity generates energy through our new approaches in hybrid reactor development.


Aerospace & Astronautics

We are advancing embryonic technologies in non-chemical propulsion schemes. Our vision is to develop new means of traversing the solar system. Coming aboard Kepler at this very exciting moment in time may enable you to develop new lifting platforms, evince new controls and flight systems for an entirely new form of propulsion, and to even work on technologies that will provide a new form of space drive.

We are actively searching out top-tier innovators, integrators and problem solvers in the disciplines of fluid dynamics, magneto-hydrodynamics, aerospace engineering (including flight and system controls, environmental systems, flight dynamics). 

We look forward to welcoming aboard the most talented aerospace engineering as we venture out into space together.


Applied & Theoretical Physics

Turning dreams into reality, we seek the most gifted thinkers. Kepler wants physicists who are not bound by either the conventional wisdom or by an inherent bias. If you are a free thinker, a dreamer, a problem solver and a unique mind in the world of physics, then we want you.

Join us and you may solve problems of unification, you could be the next one to discover a key physical trait of our universe that allows the next breakthrough for humanity. We encourage big thinking.


Materials Sciences

In this new venture, into a new technical territory, we rely heavily upon the innovators that will provide the materials making our innovations possible.

We are looking at exciting new developments in composites, nuclear materials, nano, and metamaterials. 

You may develop the next composite allowing for a whole new era in space travel, or in remediation of the environment; you could be the scientist to develop an entirely new material that makes consumer quantum computing possible.


General Administration & Facilities

Working for Kepler promotes a new era, whether you are a specialist in logistics, or accounting, security or maintenance, you will be respected and valued at Kepler. Your support and contribution to our work are what makes it possible for our work to continue in an easy and fluid manner. We respect that.

Come to join us to know that your contribution matters, that you are a part of something greater that will make humanity safer, happier, healthier and launch us on an adventure into the future.

Life at Kepler

Our campus will become a hotbed of creative activity, experiments in process, materials, fabrication shops, and testing facilities. Texas is a beautiful state with a fair cost of living and good quality of life. Between the invigorating and purposeful work, our campus, and the good life of Texas we offer an excellent place to build and enhance one’s life. We are a team who is driven to create new opportunities for mankind through the development of technologies that solve tomorrow’s problems.

We offer competitive compensation packages, each one individually tailored to each employee’s personal needs and requirements.

Other segments of Kepler exist outside of Texas, and it is possible that you may be asked to consider one of these as your new home; however, the bulk of our business is conducted at our campus.

Working for Kepler

At Kepler, we take a serious view towards protecting and enhancing the lives of our employees because we ask a great deal of them. We will constantly be challenging you, it makes sense that we would want you to feel wanted, safe, healthy, and more than that, to grow, to develop and to rise beyond your current ability. 

We are wholly dedicated to serving, protecting, and benefiting humanity. Find out what is important to us, and what drives our singleness of purpose:

  • Imagination
  • Diligence  (This word is rigid and not friendly to my way of thinking… how about persistence or conscientious…)
  • Protection and Safety
  • To be Remarkable
  • Collective Effort
  • Service
  • Focus on the future

We are open-minded and positive in our practices

Kepler offer’s regionally competitive compensation packages. We offer health and wellness, leave, competitive compensation packages. Each new employee is unique and requires personalized packages. We encourage you to speak with our HR staff to find out what is best for you.

We have developed a number of premiere non-typical ways of compensating our employees. If we are going to challenge you to rise to new heights, to offer the best you can, and to be remarkable, then we felt we should meet you on common ground.

Remarkable Leadership Program

Kepler believes in growing with you, this is why we provide a program for enhancing your skills and capabilities through mentoring, career building programs, inside and outside education, networking with company leadership and career advancement opportunities.

Remarkable Innovation Challenge

This challenge is a monthly event where employees are given autonomy on a Friday, to work on what they want, with who they want. We want to give you a chance to demonstrate your value, your mastery, and of course, you have to show what you worked on. We will give prizes and awards for innovations and fixes, or new products.

Hiring Programs

We base our hiring decisions upon a number of relevant criteria:

  • Suitability for the open position
  • Education and Certifications
  • Accomplishments/Contributions
  • Real life experience and capability

Kepler is open-minded in our hiring practices, we do not discount or undervalue returning workers or new entrants to the aerospace and technology industry. In fact, we whole-heartedly welcome all potential hires based upon their ability, credentials, and capabilities. We especially welcome Veterans and returning workers as well as students and recent grads.


Veterans make us stronger and more capable.

We fully believe in recruiting the best our country has to offer, and there is no better place to look than into our community of veterans.

We offer a strong incentive by seeking veteran-owned businesses to contract with and purchase from. We are also involved in community efforts for veterans.

Students and Recent Graduates

Kepler is ready to work with you on developing your career.

We can assist in accelerating your path to your future through mentorship our intern and recent grad program’s are designed to bring you high-quality work assignments, exciting new opportunities, mentorship by senior leadership in your department, along with knowledge and experience that will assist you in achieving your goals.”

Returning Workers

Life has a changeable quality, we understand. We also understand that gaps in employment should not be a barrier to qualified and capable people re-entering the workplace.

We actively look at candidates based upon the merit of their capability and welcome returning workers.

If you are interested in a career at Kepler Aerospace please contact and include your qualifications and CV.