Travis Yakimishyn

Senior Electrical Engineer

March 8, 2022 – Midland, Texas – Kepler announced today that Travis Yakimishyn has joined the Kepler team as a Senior Electrical Engineer, Electrical Technology Consultant and will be advising Kepler on its design, development and manufacturing of its products including but not limited to the Texatron™, the Kepler Drive™, the Kepler MEC™ (Magnetic Energy Converter) and its wireless taser-like product, the Blaster™.

Mr. Yakimishyn is a professional electrical engineer with over 16 years of experience in consulting and owner operations. He has a proven expertise in managing technical projects and leading teams with a focus on industrial and utility electrical systems. Travis has a track record of value creation, improvement, optimization & reliability and fostering valued stakeholder relationships. He is skilled in design, procurement, construction, commissioning, turnover, operations and asset management. He has a strong background in high voltage power systems including transmission, distribution, protection and automation.

Kepler is excited to have Mr. Yakimishyn on the Kepler team. He has been tasked to advise in the development of power systems to support Kepler’s Texatron™ which includes, but is not limited to, design, system integration, and transformation of its output into usable power. Kepler plans to apply Travis’ extensive experience with electrical systems, business development, procurement and foster key vendor relationships, project engineering & management, and creation of focused client solutions for all of its products. His background in executing engineered solutions and innovation is a great addition to Kepler’s already experienced team.

Kepler is looking forward to having Mr. Yakimishyn support its team at our Midland Spaceport facilities.

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