Samuel Reid

Senior Mathematician and Technologist

December 2, 2019 – Southlake, Texas – Kepler announces that Sam Reid is joining the Kepler team as a Senior Mathematician and Technologist and will be advising Kepler on all of its future proprietary technologies as well as those currently under development.

Samuel Reid is a mathematician, business executive, inventor, and STEM polymath who has authored 10+ public papers, spoken at 100+ conferences, and has a portfolio of classified work. He was the Chief Blockchain Engineer of the world’s first government regulated cryptocurrency exchange, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, and has also held CEO positions at Clean Crude Corporation and GeometricLabs Corporation.

Mr. Reid is also part of the Space Exploration Branch of the Canadian Space Agency as a member of the Signature Technology Consultation Committee.

As the CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation (NATO/U.S. DLA Commercial and Government Entity) as well as the subsidiaries Geometric Medical Corporation and Geometric Space Corporation, Sam has a vast experience in the analysis and execution of project operations, logistics, technology feasibility, research and development in energy systems, aerospace, defense, cybersecurity, and medical technology. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of GeometricLabs Corporation and Clean Crude Corporation, as well as holding the titles of CEO at DFINI, CTO at Coinstreet Partners, and CTO at Kanooq Industries. Mr. Reid was also previously the Head of the Space at IOTA Foundation and was Co-Founder/Board Member/Intergovernmental Affairs Director of The Institute for Exotic Science.

Kepler is excited to have Mr. Reid on the Kepler team and feels that Sam will greatly add to the depth of the expertise already existing at Kepler. With his help, Kepler continues to build its World Class team of seasoned veterans in the fields of technology and mathematics. Sam’s initial focus will be on CubeSat and SmallSat delivery to Low, Medium and High or Geostationary Earth Orbits, as well as Kepler’s Lunar Exploration Plans and Kepler’s Mars Mission Preliminary Design Review.

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