Ivan Kruglak

Engeneer & Innovator

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Mr. Kruglak has developed over 50 new and profitable inventions in the diverse fields of wireless video, audio transmission, audio, motion picture technology, video, wireless data transmission and green energy technologies.

He has founded and later sold several successful companies in the field of electronics including: Coherent Communications, Inc., that in 1978 designed and manufactured specialty electronics for the security, aerospace, motion picture, TV, and pro-audio industries. Coherent was purchased and absorbed by an aerospace company interested in further development of Coherent’s remote piloted vehicle (Drone) technology it had been selling to Boeing and Lockheed.

He also founded Fischer Connectors, Inc. in 1991 that manufactured and distributed extremely high precision electrical interconnects for the medical, aerospace, military, and industrial electronics industries. He started Energy and Propulsion Systems, LLC. in 2001 to pursue a novel Russian energy and gravity modification technology.

Mr. Kruglak founded Quantum Energy Devices, LLC, in 2008 to pursue opportunities in frontier energy and propulsion technologies and Infinergy, Inc. in 2013 to develop and license various inventions, including a miniature magnesium fuel cell requiring just salt water to produce electricity. It is currently packaged in portable lighting, flashlights, remote location power sources, etc. Infinergy also, researched fuel saving technologies for trucking, artificial diamonds, solid state batteries and more. He founded GrowRay Lighting Inc. in 2014 to pursue more efficient lighting and related technologies for horticulture. Mr. Kruglak is also the co- inventor on 8 patents pending, principally, in LED lighting.

Ivan was also awarded two Academy Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1999. One for the development of Wireless Video Assisted Images and another one for the development of the Coherent Time Code Slate.

He holds two patents in Motion Picture technology: 1. A system for placing a time of day code (Timecode) on motion picture film and 2. Automatically synchronizing picture with audio during the production and post-production process.

Ivan is a member in the following professional Societies (Invited to join by recommendation): Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences Technical Awards Selection Committee, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, senior member, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the
British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society and is a former member of the study group on Audio Production and Postproduction for Motion Picture and Television Entertainment Programming, SMPTE.

Kepler is excited to have Mr. Kruglak on the Kepler team. Kepler plans to apply Ivan’s extensive experience with creative design, engineering, and marketing to all of its products. His background in engineering and innovation will be a great addition to Kepler’s already experienced team. He will also be assisting in the building and testing of Kepler’s MEC (Magnetic Energy Converter). Kepler is looking forward to having Mr. Kruglak with the team at our Midland Spaceport facilities.

For more information about this release please contact: info@kepleraerospace.com


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