Alexander Karimov


Doctor of Science, Leading Researcher Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS, Professor National Research Nuclear University MEPHI is a graduate of Moscow Engineering Physical Institute where he got the Ph.D. (Physics and Mathematics, 1994); Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics, 1999) in the same institute, and now he is Professor Department of Electrophysical Installations of the same institute. Since 1996 – to the present, he is staff member of Institute for High Temperatures Russian Academy of Sciences as a Leading Researcher in the Division for Magneto-plasma aerodynamics and MHD energy conversion. His expertise is: theoretical physics: laser, beam and plasma physics, hydrodynamics, and biophysics. His researchers were supported by Russian Foundation Basic Research, the United States Civilian Research and Development Foundation, and the German Science Foundation Energy and Propulsion Systems LLC (USA). The topic “Role of Initial Conditions in the Formation of Coherent Structures in Hydrodynamic Systems” was included in the research plan for the Russian Academy of Science. Mr. Karimov will be advising the Kepler team with regards to all of Kepler’s plasma products, their plasma engineering, manufacturing and testing.


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