KEPLER AEROSPACE LTD. is the Worldwide Holding company for all of Kepler’s technologies and assets.

By upgrading and reengineering proven advanced aviation technnologies, Kepler is developing both highly efficient and economically viable satelite delivery systems.

Kepler has several technologies in the fields of microwave, propulsion and energy and has recently filed for 8 Trademarks in both the flight and defence use categories.

The Company is currently developing and commercializing many of these technologies such as its proprietary plasma, or high energy electrical power, technology to generate propulsion, thrust, lift and flight.

The Company has also developed several other proprietary propulsion, energy and microwave burst technologies that can be used in several configurations and are currently being developed by the company as technologies to be marketed to the military and defense industries.


Technology, Trademarks Filed

# Trademark Serial Number
1 Kepler Plasma Induced Propulsion 87/896,931
2 Kepler Plasma Induced Lift 87/896,939
3 Kepler Plasma Induced Thrust 87/896,941
4 Kepler Plasma Induced Flight 87/896,948
5 Kepler Hammerwave 87/896,953