Astrodynamics Division

We are not afraid of using words like levitation, anti-gravity or gravitational shielding

 The objectives of this division are to create advanced propulsion systems to support space operations as well as travel to the Moon and Mars. We have some very interesting ideas on how to do this. In this moment, humanity is closer to the stars than we have ever been before. We are ready to leap into space and to welcome a new era for humanity, to overcome the invisible barriers that will take us into a new era. The time is ripe for dissolving those barriers. Focusing upon dated and outmoded forms of transportation has been steadily challenged over the last thirty years, new concepts in propulsion have been proposed, developed, challenged and refined. The Aerospace industry has been collectively looking to non-chemical propellant programs to enhance space commerce and to ensure that our reach into the solar system is both effective and capable. Kepler Aerospace has been on the wave front of new development in this arena. Our scientific focus has been upon didactic and real applications in advanced technologies. We are unafraid of developing anti-gravity, levitation and other novel approaches to meet these needs.

  • Satellites

As we venture out into the stars, a burgeoning trade for supplying our efforts in space will be required. In order to meet these requirements, a variety of modular and scalable delivery systems will be needed.

  • Pack and trade satellite components
  • Resupply/refuel satellites
  • Launch vehicles
  • Space propulsion
  • Poynting Motivator
  • Plasma flows
  • Ion engines
  • Propellantless systems
  • EmDrive
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Gravitation
  • Levitation